What to Expect When You Have Drug Testing Through Bloodwork

A blood drug test is used to detect the presence of one or more drugs in a person’s bloodstream. In the employment context, blood tests are used to confirm an employer’s suspicion of drug impairment on-the-job.

If you’ve been asked to take a blood drug test, don’t panic – a blood test has a very short detection window for most drugs, so it’s unlikely to show casual drug use off-the-clock.

Still, the prospect of having your blood drawn at the request of your employer can be nerve-wracking. Here’s what you can expect from your upcoming blood test.

Before the Test

If you have ever had blood drawn for medical testing, you might be wondering if you need to fast ahead of your test. The answer is no – you do not need to fast before drug testing through bloodwork. You should still drink plenty of water beforehand. Drinking water will make for a smoother draw.

Be sure to advise the medical professional who is giving you the test if you have taken any drugs in the past few days. Don’t leave anything out – even over-the-counter drugs, medicines and supplements can show up on your test result. You want to minimize the chance of a false positive.

During the Test

Generally, the doctor or nurse administering the test will collect a blood sample in one of three ways:

  1. Using a needle to draw blood from a vein in your arm
  2. Using a needle to draw blood from the back of your hand
  3. Piercing the skin on your finger to collect a small droplet of blood (known as the fingerstick or fingerprick method)

It’s unlikely you will get to choose which method you use, unless there is a medical reason not to use a vein in your arm or palm.

If you’re apprehensive about needles, ask if you can listen to music, read a book, or watch a relaxing video on your phone while the blood is drawn. If this is not allowed, close your eyes and try to rest for a moment.

After the Test

Depending on the outcome, you will learn the results of the test between 24 hours and a week. Negative results usually arrive sooner than positive results, since the latter needs to be re-evaluated first.

If the test comes up negative, it’s good news. A negative test result means no traces of drugs were found in your sample. Not all drugs can be detected by drug testing through bloodwork, and if enough time has passed since you used a drug, the test may not pick up on it.

If the test comes up positive, it means traces of one or more drugs were found in your blood sample. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve ‘failed’ the test, but it’s not good news. Typically, a second, more precise test is conducted to confirm the result before action is taken.

A Geeky Guide To The Buzzwords From CES 2019

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a huge convention that just happened a few weeks ago. As you walk around inside the event, you will notice the different languages. However, they are still using buzzwords, different terms that people typically know and acronyms. It is very confusing if you are a newbie and not updated to the tech vocabulary.

So here are some words to keep you connected and understand what they mean.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In all actuality, computer-based intelligence can mean a wide assortment of things. The shared factor is that PC calculations are settling on a few choices inside the item, likely utilizing machines to figure out how to be better at whatever it is they do.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR blends digital objects into this present reality. Consider things like when you utilize the Ikea application on your cell phone to imagine what another lounge chair will look like in your space, or you play one of those games where little spaceships fly around your office and you shoot them on your telephone screen. Headsets with translucent screens that influence computerized articles to show up in reality likewise consider expanded reality.

  1. Biometrics

Biometrics is basically watching and measuring qualities of the human body. For instance, the Apple Watch can measure your pulse and relay that information to attempt and make sense of your wellness level. It can also mean utilizing a part of your body—your thumbprint or face—to confirm your identity or open something, similar to your telephone; that is designated “biometric security.”

  1. 8K

The name alludes to a television’s overall resolution. To be exact, 8K televisions and screens have a resolution of 7,680 x 4,230 pixels. It’s the following stage up from 4K, which is the most widely recognized ultra-HD goals available right now. At this moment, 8K televisions are generally pointless excess in light of the fact that there’s just about zero content that cares the full high-resolution picture.

  1. 8th- or 9th-Generation Intel Processor

In case you’re taking a gander at PCs or PCs of any sort at the current year’s show, the specs will definitely make reference to the processor. Intel makes those processors and, until the point that CES began, the eighth-age Center processors were their most recent and, generally, their most prominent. Not long ago, Intel reported that its new ninth-age Center processors are coming early this year.

  1. Eye-Tracking

Essentially, it is a headset that can tell where you’re looking and will obscure everything else in the computer-generated experience world. Thus, the gadget can concentrate the majority of its handling power on that little region at which you’re looking, which can make the illustrations look much fancier.

  1. 5G

It generally alludes to the next-generation wireless data network that will, in the long run, handle the web needs of our cell phones and even our home systems sooner or later.

Can You Get WSIB for Mental Stress?

According to Statistics Canada, over 6 million Canadians consider themselves to be “quite a bit” or “extremely stressed” during most days. Chronic mental stress can interfere with the body’s immune, digestive, sleep and reproductive systems, which can interfere with a person’s work life in a significant way.

Until recently, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) did not give benefits to workers in Ontario for chronic stress caused in the workplace. However, the passage of amendments to the Workplace Safety Insurance Act on January 1, 2018, allows employees to claim coverage to get WSIB for chronic stress. The WSIB concurrently passed a new policy on how to handle cases of chronic mental stress.

How Workers Can Get WSIB for Mental Stress

According to the WSIB Operational Policy for Chronic Mental Stress, a worker in Ontario is entitled to benefits for chronic stress if all the following criteria are met:

  1. Worker has been diagnosed with a mental stress injury
  2. The injury is caused by a substantial work-related stressor arising in and out of the course of the worker’s employment
  3. The WSIB is able to identify the specific event or events that caused the chronic stress

Can You Get WSIB for Routine Mental Stress?

For routine mental stress that does not meet the criteria for a mental stress injury, a worker may receive WSIB benefits only if, “consistent exposure to a high level of routine stress over time may qualify as a substantial work-related stressor.”

The policy notes that “jobs with a high degree of routine stress would typically have one or both of the following characteristics: responsibility over matters involving life and death, or routine work in extremely dangerous circumstances.”

Filipe Mendes, an employment law lawyer at Madorin, Snyder LLP, notes in a blog post that the policy is most likely geared towards claims for mental stress by first responders and frontline emergency room staff. He expects to see an increase in claims from workers in these professions, but not from other workers whose claims are less likely to succeed. Madorin, Snyder LLP is a trustworthy source of advice in these issues if you need a employment lawyer in Kitchener.


The WSIB’s operating policy states that a worker is not entitled to benefits for chronic mental stress if the stress results from the decisions or actions of the worker’s employer relating to the worker’s employment, including:

  • Changing the work to be performed
  • Changing the working conditions
  • Disciplining the worker
  • Laying off or firing the worker

Low Income And Mental Health Concerns: Two Curses That Go Hand-In-Hand

Mental health problems like depression can be life-changing. Even though the stigma surrounding  issues like anxiety and depression are starting to lessen, it can be difficult to get help if you don’t have money.

The way the mental health system generally works in Canada is that you can see almost any private therapist immediately…if you can afford the $100 per hour fee that most charge. If money is a concern, organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association can assist you, but there will be a considerable wait, often several months. Even when you do get to see a therapist, there is generally a limit of a half dozen or so visits. Generally, the only time someone can “jump the queue” is if they are feeling unsafe and on the verge of suicide. In such cases of immediate need, they will meet with a crisis councilor within a day or two. Those professionals will assess and refer them to a psychiatrist; treatment will proceed from there.

While there is a lot of work to be done to improve mental health care for lower income people in big cities, things are worse the further you get from areas with large populations. Mental health situations are of particular concerns for indigenous people as they can be considerable distances from therapists and not have the transportation to get there.

Funding is always in short supply for social programs, but it is clearly needed to provide a level of mental health care that even approaches the adequate. While politicians always say things like, “Where will the money come from?,” it is imperative to think about the other costs that can ensue: lost productivity, lost jobs, failed relationships, and family strife, among others.

There is no magic bullet solution to Canada’s mental health care crisis, but we need to spend more time looking for something that helps.

Examining Current Workers Rights

There was a review of the Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws in 2011. The revisions speak to the legal processes as well as the various types of compensation. This article will look at a few of the sections in the revised workers’ compensation program in Oklahoma. Click this link; health and safety – pshsa.ca.

Workman’s compensation laws are intended to help you if you’re injured on the job. Sometimes it is good to have a qualified compensation lawyer on your side. These lawyers are trained specifically to cope with the Oklahoma laws regarding worker’s comp. They understand the claim requirements. If your employer denies you any reason, or you were fired, these people are there for you. They can represent you at this difficult time, to obtain the help you need. They can show you a little bit how you can receive the medical benefits you’re entitled to. They can talk death benefits and future medical benefits. It’s a very good idea to talk to them before you’re hired to make sure you see where you stand in regard to workman’s compensation benefits. That way, when and if you’re injured or sick, you’ll know how and where to find help. This will make any hardship or transition you may be required to do much easier on you and your family.

But, there’s so much more to consider.

Smart workers in Oklahoma know that it is better to see an Oklahoma worker’s compensation lawyer when thinking about working in Oklahoma. That way, they know what they’re up against and where to find the right representation when the time comes. They can trusts these lawyers because they know they’re imminently qualified to handle all claims and issues that arise from filed claims in Oklahoma.

The worker will have an entitlement to rights rather than of liability with regard to the common law under exclusive remedy. There is one exception. This has to do with the torts and the refusal of business owners to make sure that their workers’ compensation commitments have been secured. There is also the addition of intermediate employers.

workers rights? No matter just how much you think you are knowledgeable about workers rights, visit joint health and safety committees, to learn so much more about this subject.

Random Ramblings About Toronto Airport

When you pertain to Toronto, you have a lot of alternatives for cottage. Of the many locations where hotels are available in Toronto, most visitors prefer a Toronto airport hotel or downtown Toronto hotel. As a visitor, you might wish to know whether the first option is much better than the 2nd. That choice completely depends on your function for checking out. Let us look at the advantages of both these kinds of hotels.

Toronto airport taxi service fee diverse charges depending upon the mileage covered and the hours being spent. If you are to go to an essential location or event like a wedding etc within the city, these can also be gettinged. In case, you are looking forward to practical methods of airport transportation in Toronto, then, Toronto airport taxi service is the medium to be gettinged.

Whether you are thinking about a Toronto airport hotel or downtown Toronto hotels, you have lots of selections. From budget plan hotels that charge low rates, to high class, incredibly high-end hotels, there are many hotels to pick from. Choose how much you wish to spend, then choose the right hotel. Make your reservation ahead of time and enter the hotel and relax.

Whether it is a Toronto airport hotel or downtown Toronto hotels, the experience will be good. Arrive in Toronto and check out a hotel of your choice. Your friendly hosts will ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable which you return again.

Travel Canada

There are numerous remarkable places to check out while traveling across Canada. The diverse and beautiful country of Canada provides numerous places of interest for travelers of all types. Read on to discover some concepts regarding where to see while taking a trip throughout Canada.

Canada is a large country; the 2nd largest by land mass in the world. Canada a culturally and naturally diverse country with ten provinces and 3 territories stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean from east to west and from the Arctic Ocean to the United States border from north to south. About 80 % of the population of Canada lives within 100 miles of the United States border, meanings that most itinerary in Canada are oriented east to west or west to east. Of course, some diversions into the Canadian north country are likewise worth thinking about.

How a tourist decides to get around Canada depends upon just how much time one has to visit the country. Because Canada is such a large country, planes are the preferred option of travel, if one is attempting to check out various regions in a fairly short amount of time. For travelers with more time on their hands, or those concentrating on a certain area of Canada, renting a car or taking advantage of Canada’s extensive inter-city and intra-city bus and train systems are great methods to see Canada from the ground level. There are also many tour companies that offer tours in different regions of Canada.

But, there’s so much more to consider.

Environment and Weather- Canada and the US have seasons at the exact same time of year. You will not need skis in July, no matter how far north you go. Canada is not the land of unlimited winter. Summertime can be damp and hot.

Random Mind Blab About Travel Canada

Whistler, British Columbia– An excellent day or overnight trip from Vancouver is an increase to Whistler, which is about 2 hours north of Vancouver, on a road that feels as though you are traveling to the top of the world. Whistler is not just home to a world-famous ski resort Whistler-Blacome, it likewise provides a good deal of natural charm in the surrounding area that travelers can take in.

Victoria, British Columbia– Victoria lies to the west of Vancouver on Vancouver Island, and is obtainable by ferryboat from Vancouver. The charming Victoria Island makes for an exceptional field trip from Vancouver, as it provides plentiful gardens and an enchanting small city that is a nice relaxing destination and place to have lunch.

Canadian Universities Myths And Facts

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada have more than 89 colleges under its umbrella, which provide a range of ‘Study Abroad Courses,” specifically developed for international students. Apart from this, there are almost 175 neighborhood colleges, which conduct numerous training programmes based on Global Study patterns. Indian students have always been a target of Canadian universities, as thousands of students every year migrate to study abroad. From Scholarships to bank loans, Canadian universities help Indian students in every possible manner to be a part of Canada Education.

The Canadian federal government apart from the work permit offers generous scholarships to Indian students, also the individual universities too offer grants and scholarships particularly, York University International Scholarships, University of British Columbia Scholarships, Vancouver Island University International Regional Scholarships, Carleton University Entrance scholarships, Dalhouse University entryway scholarships, the University of Calgary Graduate researches award, University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships and many more. The ProsperOverseas consultancy staff will certainly assist the students in securing the grants and scholarships.

The Indian student neighborhoods in Canadian universities are well developed and connected, the neighborhoods will certainly be very helpful for the students in adjusting to the culture of the universities, ProsperOverseas consultancy personnel will assist the students in communicating with the Indian student neighborhoods in Canadian universities.

Effective Sarnia Ontario

Sarnia is a city in Southern Ontario with a population of about 90 000. It is notable for a couple reasons. Initially, it is the biggest city on Lake Huron and second of all, it lies where the upper Great Lakes empty into the St. Clair river.

Sarnia is well rounded, it is the home of a number of great dining establishments and museums. All cities have dining establishments and museums. The difference in Sarnia is the fantastic geographical place. It is just a short jaunt over to the United States if that is your thing. , if you stay on the Canadian side you will certainly be treated to some of the nicest waters and beaches in Southern Ontario.. Bear in mind to inspect out the great sunsets over Lake Huron.

Mississauga Canada – Just The Facts

There are tons of reasons relocating to Mississauga can be a great step for an individual or household. It is a city best alongside Toronto, originally designed to function as a suburban area to the huge city but has actually handled to establish by itself. Today, it is a bustling urban community, home to more than 7 hundred thousand people and is the sixth most populous municipality in Canada. Purchasing homes for sale in Mississauga is considered as an excellent investment, what with all the important things the location needs to provide.

The greatest feature of Mississauga is its place. Being simply half an hour away from Toronto, it opens people to a broad selection of opportunities. It is a short commute away from exactly what Toronto can offer, like jobs, a world class culture, and even excellent education. One does not even have to leave the community just to go to work as the city is home to more than sixty of the Fortune 500 companies’ Global or Canadian Head Offices, making it a great place to begin a good career. You can pick from companies like the TD Bank Financial, Microsoft Canada, Hewlett Packard Canada, Air Georgian, Walmart and Target Canada, as well as Citibank Canada, making it a nice place to obtain a good job.


As for recreation, Mississauga is simply within a short drive away from Lake Ontario. This implies that outdoor leisure is simply a stone’s discard, giving people quick access to a nice getaway must they get exhausted of the day-to-day stress. There are likewise a good amount of tourist attractions within Mississauga, so you don’t need to look elsewhere for fun.

A dynamic city jungle like Mississauga is likewise constantly developing and enhancing itself for its locals. With what it has to offer, it is bound to draw in more people to move in the area. This is why finding Mississauga houses for sale isn’t really all that hard. You can certainly find something that will match your preferences and needs within the gorgeous community without a fuss.

Why do you have to buy a home for sale in Mississauga? Due to the growing demand for homes in the city of Mississauga, there are lots of homes offered for purchase, hence producing this ever tantalizing city the optimal destination to buy a home. Second of all, besides the present financial slump, the financial condition of Mississauga has actually not been significantly affected. This mentions the reason the cost on houses for sale in Mississauga has not dropped so much. Mississauga city also has a very outstanding environment for businesses in addition to a potential market for these companies. For this factor, if you choose to buy a home for sale in Mississauga, you’ll be guaranteed of getting a financial backing from the regional financial institutions in case you want it.

You’ll have a great time choosing from the lots of choices readily available if you’re thinking of acquiring a house in Mississauga. Simply see to it to turn to the ideal Mississauga realty agent or broker, so you can be ensured high quality results for the huge deal you’re about to take part in.